It’s a simple question really, why are we ignoring the homophobic torturing which is going on in the Chechen Republic? Which is part of the Russian Federation by the way, with what’s going on there, this shouldn’t come a shock to you.

Since February 2017, over 100 men, assumed to be homosexual or bisexual have been “hunted down”, with many victims claiming the use of entrapment-style sting operations which help the homophobic ‘justice’ fighters find more homosexual men to torture.

“We all have the right to be treated as equals, regardless of our gender identity or sexuality” – Amnesty International

News.com.au reported that phones are searched to entrap unsuspected homosexual men in order to ‘cleanse’ them of being gay. They are taken to old military or police buildings which have been described as “modern day concentration camps” by human rights groups, which is absolutely ridiculous considering we are now in the 21st Century where LGBT is a strong movement across the world.

The detainees were tortured, beaten, shocked,” one victim told Novaya Gazeta, the most respected Russian news outlet that broke the story. “Some were beaten to death and returned, like a bag of bones. I know about two deaths.” A handful have died; witnesses say — at least three — after succumbing to injuries from relentless beatings. The journalist who first reported on the subject has gone into hiding, there have been calls for reprisals for journalists reporting on the situation.

After doing all of this research, I found myself asking why I hadn’t heard of the situation till now? Why is this not being made top story on all news channels? I mean come on, It’s the first time since World War II and Hitler’s Third Reich that homosexual men have been rounded up and kept in camps and the world is ignoring it? What does that say for humanity?

There’s no question many were pleasantly surprised to see Republican Senator Marco Rubio denounce Russia over Chechnya’s gay concentration camps. There’s been insufficient attention around the world over reports of – some say of several – detention facilities in Chechnya and it was surprising for many of us to see someone standing up against the Russian Federation, instead of silently watching and hoping things will get better, which I wouldn’t be surprised if Theresa May is doing.

“We should use our voice on the global stage to call attention to these horrifying acts and to ensure that they are condemned in an appropriate way, ultimately in the hopes that they will be stopped,” Sen. Rubio said on the Senate floor Tuesday.

“We should never, ever tolerate human rights violations against any person for their political views, their religious beliefs, or their sexual orientation.”

It has been announced that U.N. officials are requesting that Russian authorities investigate the abuse of gay men in Chechnya, according to TIME Magazine. These men which are being targeted are being sent to secret prisons described as “concentration camps.” Many of the men have been reportedly beaten and tortured with electric shocks, The Washington Blade reported.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland described the situation as “reprehensible” and encourages the Russian government to “preserve the safety of all persons in Chechnya due to their sexual orientation,” according to The Washington Blade. According to the same source, former Vice President Joe Biden is “disgusted and appalled” by the incident in Chechnya.

CNN have spoken with a man who wished to remain anonymous and recently fled after being arrested.  “My car got stopped at a Chechen police checkpoint and they asked me for my documents,” he said.

Another man told CNN the story of his abuse. At a safe house, he said, “They started beating me with their fists and feet. They wanted to get names of my gay friends from me.” According to the same source, “security forces have consistently been accused by human rights groups of abductions, killings and other abuses” in Chechnya.

The primary concern of the men who spoke to CNN was being outed as gay.  “If my family finds out that I’m gay, then no authorities, no troops are needed. They will kill me themselves,” one man said, according to CNN.

In Chechnya, as in other southern Russia regions, Russian President Vladimir Putin “has empowered local leaders to enforce their interpretation of traditional values, partly in an effort to co-opt religious extremism, which has largely been driven underground.” Speaking in Parliament during an urgent question on the persecution and detention of homosexual and bisexual citizens in Chechnya, minister of state for the Foreign Office Sir Alan Duncan said he had been informed of alleged plans to “eliminate” the country’s gay community by the start of Ramadan, which commences on 26 May.

The Kremlin has denied any knowledge of the purge but one Russian newspaper described it as part of a campaign “in connection with their non-traditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such”. The level of organisation, number of perpetrators and access to state-owned buildings and resources suggests high-level involvement, western media have speculated. One identified concentration camp was in a disused military command compound in the town of Argun. It has since moved.

So far there is not much we can do, due to Putin being heavily involved in the situation. Neither Theresa May and definitely not Donald Trump will be interested in getting involved and going against Chechnya’s outdated “traditional” values which go completely against our Human Rights. This is understandable, as Russia and its federation is a very powerful thing, so I guess all we can do is talk about it and raise awareness of the situation.

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