Here I offer you four of  the best tips for surviving in my opinion, one of the worlds leading festivals:

1. Get a good tent – At my first time at Reading Festival in 2015, I, someone who got my mum to pick me up after one day of Duke of Edinburgh decided to get a cheap pop-up tent from Asda to accommodate me for 4 days. The festival vibes took over on the coach, which involves a lot of drinking and loo stops so prepare for this (this goes for driving in a car as well, as everyone will be ready for the festival with a ridiculous amount of booze). As I found a place to settle, it began to rain and my tent was destroyed and throughout the whole weekend leaked through, ruining everything I owned. In 2016 when I went, I invested in a 5-man tent worth £30, which we split between four and honestly had a much better camping experience.

2. Set off as early as possible – To ensure a good area to camp, avoid leaving too late as tent space fills up quickly over the Early Bird period on the Wednesday. If arriving Thursday, aim to arrive when doors open at 9am, to ensure room for things like gazebos, chairs and other things.

3. Pack light but effective – DO NOT PACK TOO MANY CLOTHES. I doubt you’ll wear them all and it will just weigh you down on the search for your tent. Instead pack more than two extra pairs of underwear (more than you need), a few tops and shorts and jeans in case of weather. Also pack something comfortable to sleep in, as you will be sleeping on the floor. Regarding alcohol, the most effective way of getting as much as you can in to the festival in one go would be to invest in a crate carrier, which are about £10-£15 and will be able to carry all your crates in one go. Remember not to bring glass bottles in, as they could be removed upon entry.

4. Bring enough money – I would say for the 4 days (not including early bird), I spent around £150 all together. Reading is an amazing festival but its awfully expensive in there. I recommend buying food outside of the festival, as if you’re a weekend camper you can leave whenever you want and town is only a fifteen-minute walk! Along the way to town there are also church groups and promotional companies handing out a range of free products like food or drink!

To buy tickets go to: 


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