Kathy Bates jumps back in to our screens in an unlikely new series which premiered on Netflix 25th August 2017 and has been advertised throughout my Netflix account since.
Cannabis legend Ruth Whitefeather Feldman (Kathy Bates) employs her newly graduated “mixed race” son (Aaron Moten) and a team of young “budtenders” to help run her Los Angeles marijuana dispensary.

The series focus’ on the “bud tenders” and from my perspective, shows all the sides of smoking weed which are not usually portrayed in TV series. The shows best strength is of course the warm feel of the series, led professionally by Bates who manages to mould herself in to whatever role at any time.

There are issues underneath the humour, which without constant watching and focus, the normal person would not be able to pick up. Through the first series, there is the threat of corporate takeover, the cultural shift from defiance to compliance. the medicinal benefits of marijuana and of course, the stigma and stereotype surrounding the plant.

I love the idea of the grower being a crazy, paranoid stoner. Pete (played by Dougie Baldwin) is my favourite character. Hilarious, sensitive and ridiculously smart, Pete’s character really shines through the series. They really went all out for Pete, from his ridiculously homeless hippy attire to the fact that he talks to his marijuana plants in an Australian accent is laughable and sheds light on all of the underlying issues.

Image result for pete disjointed

My personal favourite storyline is the story of Carter (played by Tone Bell), who is the security guard of the Medicinal Bank. From episode one to episode ten, I was always intrigued by Carter’s character, due to the fact that he was the only person on the show that did not actually smoke the drug himself. However after episode two, you begin to learn more about Carter and how he is struggling with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. In my opinion, this shed the most light on the benefits of cannabis and what it can actually benefit to our society. The cannabis, of course, helped Carter battle through the PTSD.

Jenny (Elizabeth Ho) portrays the rebellious child, going against their parents wishes by smoking bud. Although from the beginning you do not see this side of Jenny, through the series you begin to understand why she has chosen to smoke marijuana and the benefits and freedom it has given her to stand up to her parents.

However in any TV series, there is the stereotype. Enter Dank & Debby (played by Betsy Sodaro and Chris Redd) who play the classic stupid stoner kids who have a ridiculous obsession with weed. Although annoying at first, the fellow stoner within you will eventually grow to love them and they will soon become hilarious in many ways. 

Although I would say it would help to watch this show if you were an avid pot user, given the random gimmicks and trippy visuals, you would 100% still be able to enjoy the show if you weren’t.

Rating: 8/10

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