Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, it’s been pretty impossible to miss the highly anticipated launch of Huda Beauty’s #FAUXFILTER Foundation. The Dubai-based entrepreneur, make-up maestro, blogger and internet sensation Huda Kattan promises an “airbrushed finish for a second skin look,” comparing it to an “Instagram Filter IRL” and has sent make-up lovers and beauty journos into meltdown, with a waiting list for the foundation on Cult Beauty already.

After a month of being on the waiting list, I finally received a bottle of the somehow considered ‘godly’ stuff. Due to the foundation being so hard to get, I ordered the wrong shade, easily fixable with foundation equalizers*

The packaging of the foundation is sleek and simple and comes with a pump, which I love. There is a subtle floral scent to the foundation, which is nice.

Before applying the foundation, I cleansed* and toned* my face before finishing off with some moisturiser*. I then prepped my face with an illuminating primer* before applying the medium to full coverage foundation to my face.

The consistency of the foundation just was not there. Now I understand that some foundations are clay based, but OMG I’ve never experienced something so thick. Whilst applying it with a foundation brush, I found the product hard to spread across my face and even harder to blend out.

I removed the foundation, hurt at how much I had already wasted (a pump and a half) which covered my whole face and ended up coming out streaky and legit un-blendable.

I then prepped my face again, before applying the foundation with a damp beauty blender*, this time the product spread a lot more evenly and I needed a lot less to cover my face.

The overall look was a nice faux filter finish, just like the name points out, but the journey to the look is long and hard and the feeling after is just not worth it. I feel the foundation accentuated my pores ridiculously, causing me to over conceal my face. The foundation also eventually wore off through the night, which is not impressive at all. I think I’ll stick to my Double Wear, thanks.

Rating 6/10

Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser –

Primer Shade 1

Beauty Blender



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